Poggio Petroso – Trasimeno Gamay


Poggio Petroso Riserva 2018


  • GRAPE VARIETY: Trasimeno Gamay
  • VINEYARD: Single vineyard located in the municipality of Panicale. Planting distances: traditional (3 x 1). Training system: in spurred cordon rows. Average age of the vines: advanced.
  • PRODUCTION PER HECTARE: Grapes: 40/45 q/Ha. Wine: 25 hl/Ha.
  • BOTTLING: from August, 24 months after the harvest.
  • AGEING: 24 months in a large barrel, according to tradition, and 10-12 months in the bottle.
  • VINIFICATION: In the vineyard, the bunches of grapes are thinned out during the veraison phase in order to preserve the best ones. At the time of harvesting, rigorous manual selection is carried out for vinification of only the highest quality grapes, which are destemmed and gently pressed. The must is transferred to small temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks where it ferments for 10-12 days and macerates for a further 20 days or so. After malolactic fermentation in the steel tanks, the wine is transferred to large French oak barrels where it is allowed to mature for 12-14 months. The wine is left to settle for a few months in steel tanks and then prepared for bottling.
  • ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS: The wine is a bright, intense ruby red, and takes on garnet-coloured hues as it matures in the bottle. It releases floral aromas of roses and myrtle berries, the purest and most original expression of Gamay Perugino. As the wine matures in the bottle, the aromas become increasingly complex and intriguing, and are also reminiscent of wild fennel and hints of Mediterranean herbs. It is sweet and inviting to the taste, soft and structured, and with gentle, velvety tannins.
  • PRODUCER’S SUGGESTIONS: This wine draws on the history and magic of our area. It is a wine best served with traditional meat dishes and in good company
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