The Grechetto

Grechetto: the most famous native vine of Umbria

Grechetto is a native vine of Umbria, one of the most renowned in the region.

In fact it is a type of white grape vine that appears in almost all the Doc of our region and is much appreciated both when it is vinified in purity and when it is not.

Its importance dates back to a long time ago: it is therefore a vine that has made history, as well as the happiness of the Umbrian and peasant populations.

The origins of the Name

The name “Grechetto” seems to link the vine to Greece, many think that this white grape vine was imported during the colonization of Magna Graecia.

However it would seem that the name “Grechetto” goes back to the Middle Ages when it was compared to the products coming from the Hellenic territory because of its color and its aromas

Grechetto: history and origins

Grechetto is one of the native vines of Umbria, one of the oldest in Italy.

In fact it was mentioned by the Roman historian Pliny the Elder in his Naturalis Historia with the following wording: “Peculiaris est tudernis” which means that it is typical of the area of ​​Todi.

Apart from this historical source, we do not know for sure if it is native to Todi, what we know is that with the passage of time its cultivation has spread throughout Umbria, even in the Colli del Trasimeno area.

Features of Grechetto

The wine obtained from this type of grapes usually has an alcohol content ranging between 12 and 13.5 °. Grechetto is one of the dry white wines and it is possible to find it in single grapes or mixed with Trebbiano.

Impossible not to be recognized because of its greenish yellow color that depending on the wood in which it is aged will tend to straw or golden.

Fruity aromas of dried flowers and hazelnut stand out on the nose while the taste is characterized by dryness and structure as well as being characterized by a good acidity.

Finally, a last feature that concerns the Grechetto: it is from this wine that the renowned Vin Santo Umbro is obtained.

Grechetto and Matches

Usually this type of wine is considered as a daily given its price is not excessive and its versatility regarding the pairings. Usually it is served at a temperature of about 10-12 ° which goes well with first courses seasoned with delicate sauces based on vegetables and fish.

As an alternative it goes well with soups or white meats and fresh or medium-aged cheeses, an extreme versatility that makes it particularly suitable for aperitifs since it can be defined as a pleasant and drinkable wine as it is not very heavy.

If you have read up to this point you can not help but taste our wines Nuricante D.O.C. and Ascanio, 100% composed of Grechetto dell’Umbria grapes.

The umbrian Grechetto

From our Grechetto grapes, we are able to refine and produce two wines in 100% purity. Many are the prizes and awards obtained with the Ascanio and the Nuricante

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