TUFFETTO – White sparkling

DOC – Denominazione di origine controllata

  • GRAPE VARIETIES: 60% Grechetto and 40% Trebbiano Toscano.
  • VINEYARDS: from associated growers located in selected areas of the Trasimeno basin.
  • PLANTING DENSITY: at least 3,500 vines/Ha.
  • VINE TRAINING: guyot cane training and spur training.
  • SOIL: Clayey sandy sedimentary
  • ALTITUDE: 300 m. a.s.l.
  • PERIOD OF HARVEST: first ten-day period of September.
  • PRODUCTION PER HECTARE: Grapes: 9 tons/ha Wine: 55 hl/ha.
  • WINE MAKING: Pressing: light and immediate of the entire grape with separation of the skins. Decanting: static a low temperature. Alcholic fermentation: done at a controlled temperature of less than 18°C in stainless steel vats to keep the aromas intact. Second fermentation in autocalve for at least two months.
  • CHARACTERISTICS: Colour: light straw yellow with delicate effervescence. Fragrance: intense and fine, characterised by delicate floral notes and hints of fresh fruit. Flavor: fresh, fairly smooth, with hints of white fruit.
  • PAIRINGS: appetizers, white meat and fish. Excellent as an aperitif.

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It is here that the Umbrian wines of the Cantina del Trasimeno are born: in the places where the “Duca della Corgna” have drawn a line that, from the past and the history of this splendid land, leads to the culture and passion of those who love wine and has it in his heart.
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